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Blue Maple Burl

Blue Maple Burl

This piece is Amazing! Highly figured Maple Burl with crazy patterns and Birdseye. This unique piece of Maple has burned rivers using a technique called Lithchenberg burning. We electrify the wood with a Transformer that produces 15,000 Volts. Wich burns through the wood in a path of least resistance that creates the rivers. From there we fill the rivers with Cobalt Blue epoxy resin, sand smooth and finish with a oil/wax for its beauty and durability.


This Wall Art piece measures 26"wide x 15" tall x 1 1/4" thick. Weight-- 13.6 lbs


We are a hands on shop. Every piece we make is one of a kind and hand made. Our attention to detail and commitment to producing the very best products helps us come up with near perfect results. The final product may have small inconsistencies, wich is part of what makes our products so interesting and unique.

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