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About Distinctive Designs NW

Established in 2020, Distinctive Designs NW is a Custom Woodworking  and Resin Art shop. We are located in Lynnwood Wa, just north of Seattle. Our goal is to create hand made, one of a kind Furniture and Art. We offer several different products and services, ranging from Resin Geode Art to Fractal Burned River Tables. 

Geode Art: The main medium that we use to create the geodes is Eopxy Resin. Using different crystals, fire rock, and other small pebbles helps create a 3D look that is unique and beautiful. A series of colors of resin are mixed up and poured over the piece in specific patterns to create the look of natural veins. We use a heat gun to blend and move the resin around the surface. The final step is a clear flood coat of resin that leaves the finished piece looking like glass!

Fractal Burning: The process of fractal burning involves the use of a "Litchenberg" machine.  It is a 15,000 volt electric transformer that has a positive and a negative lead. We wet the wood down with a small amount of baking soda and water, set the positive lead at one end and the negative lead at the other. Turn on power to the machine and watch it run through the path of least resistance, burning rivers and branches into the wood along the way. From there, we remove all of the char and debris then fill with Epoxy Resin. Once the resin is cured, we sand the piece smooth and finish with an oil/wax product that brings out the beauty of the wood and resin. This is a Dangerous process and should not be done at home.

Beach Art: Using a variety of mediums including sand, shells and resin, we are able to create unique beach scenes from sunset tones to Northern lights dancing in the sky with waves crashing on the beach. There are a lot of beaches in the PNW being  so close to Puget Sound. 

River Tables: We offer Custom made Epoxy River Tables, anything from a night stand to a large dining room table. We can Make them any color and any amount of transparent you like. Pick your species of wood as well. All of the Live Edge wood that we work with is local to Washington State and Kiln dried in our Dehumidification Kiln onsite. Contact us for a quote.

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